Thank you!



The past few days have been yet another whirlwind for me.  After all the prep and stress over the release of book one to audio and wondering if anyone would even see it, I come to find that both book one and book two are now on the best-seller list and that just floored me.  Book one had made it to the best-seller list back in May briefly and way up in the 90s.  As of this post, book one is #6 and book two is #16.  To me that’s just surreal and unexpected.

On top of that, the audiobook has been received well and I am getting great feedback on it.  I’d like to thank Shawn Compton, my narrator, who did such a wonderful job and is such a joy to work with.  He’s currently hard at work producing book two and hopefully that will be released sometime next month.  Book three, the last of this trilogy, will hopefully be out digitally and in paperback by year’s end.  If I’m lucky.  And then on to audio for that one in the new year.

But don’t worry.  This is not the end of Calder and Sierra.  Oh no.  Their story has more to it and so do the other members of the team.  They’ll be in the subsequent two trilogies that will be written after this…gods help me.


Calder speaks…


Let there be sound…

Over the past couple of weeks,  39387748 - close-up portrait of young beautiful brunette woman listening to music and holding white headphonesI have been working with my narrators to get the first two books of my series on audiobook. As a long time Audible user and listener, this whole process has been both daunting and thrilling. I didn’t know what to expect and in the back of my mind, I didn’t expect this.

I listened to auditions to choose the narrators I wanted. They were different because book one is read by Calder, and book two, Sierra. So I had to choose a guy and a girl. The auditions I received were overwhelming at first, very surreal to me to hear a professional narrator read my work back to me, but nothing prepared me for what came after.

Once the auditions ended and the narrators I chose got underway, I had to wait for their first submissions: chapter one of each book. Fittingly, I received chapter one of book one first. I listened to it, but didn’t hear it because I was in awe. Kind of freaked out. Like before, hearing your own work read back to you with effort and feeling, it’s surreal. And as someone who listens to her favorite authors on a daily basis during my long daily commute, it’s even more surreal to hear it coming out of your car speakers.

As I listen to the chapters, it makes me excited about my own story and sounds so great, I don’t remember writing that well, LOL. Truth be told, I wondered if they had the right book initially. But no, it’s mine. And I am so anxious to hear them in their completed formats.I’d like to thank Shawn and Stephanie both for making this such an awesome process and for doing such a great job with my books. Looking forward to working with them both much more in the future. Keep checking here for release dates, as I will post as soon as they are available on audio and where.

Crazy days of summer…

Things have been moving at a whirlwind pace lately.   “Breaking Point”, book two in my series, released almost two weeks prior to its original schedule, so that threw me off a bit.   I had already started writing book three to stay ahead of myself, but things have been backing up and I’m not as far along as I’d like, though there is no rush currently since it’s not due to come out til Spring of 2017.

On top of that, I’m going to be writing a novella for one of Desiree Holt’s Kindle Worlds, “Omega Men”.  Very similar storyline as my current series, though it’s contemporary and its erotica to a point, so I’ll have to get that out by summer 2017.

AND…  I’m collaborating on a contemporary romance novel with friend and author, Casey Hagen.  We’ve been writing this book since last fall and it’s going to be great.  Our voices really meld well and I’m enjoying the process.

Now, to top it all off with a big, fat, red cherry, book one and two of my Alpha Core series just got picked up for audio production!  You heard me right, Alpha Core Trilogy is coming to audiobooks my little techy monsters!  I am really excited about this new endeavor.  I love my narrators and I’m still a bit weirded out about being able to hear my book read back to me.  Kind of surreal.

So yeah, I’ve been very busy.  The relentless heatwave on the east coast isn’t helping any.  I feel like a hermit holed up in my bedroom, huddled next to the AC with my laptop and huge glass of iced tea.  But rest assured, I’m still here and I’m busily getting out new stuff for all of you to read and enjoy!

Stay cool and enjoy the rest of your summer, because Fall is fast approaching!

But I don’t want to say goodbye…

I started writing the third, and final, book in my series a month or so before the last one was released.  Among my writer friends, I know I’m in mixed company in that.  Some of them like to take a break between books, gear up, clear their minds before they dive in again.  But the others, like me, can’t.  I don’t know, for me it’s twofold.  Firstly, I don’t want to lose momentum.  Normally when I write, the last month or so is full of cramming and trying to hit deadlines, so there’s this prolific thrill in the air.  Even though it’s rife with stress and anxiety, it keeps me on edge enough that I can get things done.  Like a fire lit under my ass, which I usually need toward the end.  Secondly, my characters are my family. Think about it.  I’ve been spending every waking moment with them, watching them, nurturing them, observing them.  And you come to love them.  Even the evil ones.

cryAs I started the third chapter of book three this morning, it dawned on me that after this, they’ll be gone and I didn’t like that feeling.  They have so much to say, so much to do and one last book feels stunted to me.  So I’m considering doing something unique.  This is a trilogy, for sure, but what if I wrote a series within a series?  Have a trilogy of trilogies?  How cool would that be?  The second “set” would be about the same team but perhaps center on other characters.  Or perhaps a completely different plot.  I’m undecided as of yet.  I just think doing it feels right and when the muse whispers in my ear, who am I to naysay?

So, book three will be released in all it’s final glory hopefully late winter, early spring.  But after that?  Time will tell.  Keep checking back and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll be happy to chat with you!